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“Our (Paul Bothner Music’s) relationship with Paul Tizzard started over 20 years ago. Over this period of time we’ve come to know Paul as professional, reliable, reasonable and skillful; with the utmost and unequivocal pride in his work.”

Carel van Heerden (B.COM RETAIL; MIACSA)

DIRECTOR, Paul Bothner Music

Paul Tizzard Pianos

Cape Town

I tune, service, maintain and refurbish pianos in the greater Cape Town area. Having been an independent piano tuner/technician in Cape town for over 20 years, I am able to personally attend to the pianos I am privileged to look after. My work is guaranteed, I have over 1000 satisfied clients and hope to have you as one soon.


“I highly recommend Paul Tizzard for all piano tunings and evaluations. His extensive knowledge of the instrument ensures efficient and professional service.”

Gideon Joubert

Piano and Keyboards, MARS Music

Piano Services:


Tuning a piano is like putting the pieces of a sonic puzzle together; fine adjustments of the string by means of a tuning lever result in the many harmonics working together to accentuate it’s tonal character. Pianos go out of tune when played, but are also prone to reacting to seasonal changes. If it’s been many years between tunings, a pitch adjustment will be necessary before a fine tuning can be performed. Manufacturers recommend tuning a piano twice a year, once a year at the very least. In a professional environment they are tuned before every performance. Pianos generally benefit from being at the correct pitch, correct tension on the frame and soundboard promote the full tonal capability of the instrument. The more often they are tuned, the more stable they become.


Regulation (adjustment) of the internal mechanism is an essential part of the maintenance of a piano. A piano’s mechanism has several thousand moving parts that consist of hinges, springs, tapes, levers, hammers and dampers. With normal use, the various felts inside the mechanism become worn and adjustment is needed in order to keep it functioning efficiently. This keeps the feel of the piano consistent, allowing for comfortable and expressive playing. Depending on the piano’s previous servicing schedule this may be able to be performed as part of the tuning appointment. If there is significant adjustment needed it may take several hours to complete and need to be scheduled separately.


Occasionally a piano will need some sort of repair, be it a felt or component replacement such as the hammers, dampers etc… Many pianos I service are between 50 and 100 years old, with plenty of wear and tear on the various parts in the mechanism. The touch and tone of the instrument are affected and repair can bring new life to the piano. Parts can be expensive though, replacement may not be absolutely necessary and judicious refurbishment may be an alternative to outright replacement. This is assessed and discussed with the owner at the first visit.


Do you have a piano to sell? Are you in need of a valuation? Do you want to buy a piano and need it evaluated? I offer these services. As an instrument, the piano is complicated and is best inspected by a professional prior to buying or selling. It needs to be dismantled and examined in a thorough manner to be fully confident of it’s potential. There are important basic mechanical, structural and musical necessities that define it’s worth. If you’re buying a piano for the first time, it can save you a lot of money and frustration down the line, to bring in a professional who’s equipped  to make sure that what you’re buying is sound in all aspects.

Piano Sales

I often have potential clients looking for a decent piano. If you have one you’d like to sell, please contact me, I may be able to help.

Other Services

If you need a piano moved, cabinet restored or a cover made, contact me. Anything piano related, I can help with, including referrals to reputable movers, and cabinet restorers.


I started working on pianos in Cape Town in the late 80’s with my father. He would suggest stripping some old felts off a particular piano part or cleaning and sanding another in return for pocket money, however I saw my future as a musician and didn’t really entertain the idea of a career in piano work. After doing my national service and spending a year in Germany, I needed a job and my Dad kindly reminded me that consistent work and perhaps that which involved pianos might not be a bad idea. So started my process of learning the craft, realising what a tremendous job I had been introduced to. My Dad, Bob Tizzard a well respected trombonist and double bass player on the Jazz music scene in the 60’s left the music world after I was born and eventually became a piano technician. We spent 9 years working together until he passed away in 2000. I took over the business, continuing the tradition…

Today I service over 1000 private clients, several schools and music venues in and around Cape Town, this has expanded to include maintaining a portion of the pianos at Rhodes University’s Music Department and the pianos at St Andrews College and the Diocesan School for Girls in Grahamstown.

I love working on pianos, they are endlessly fascinating and the attention to detail that this work requires suits my personality.

I am also active on the music scene.

Paul Tizzard Piano Technician


“Paul Tizzard has become my first call piano technician in Cape Town for recording sessions and is the technician taking care of my Steinway and Sons Model S at home. Paul’s commitment to his work as well as his sensitivity to the music, being a musician himself, sets him apart from anyone else I’ve worked with. I have and continue to recommend Paul to anyone serious about the care of their  prized pianos.”

Kyle Shepherd

Award winning Jazz Pianist, Musician and Poet, Kyle Shepherd

“Paul Tizzard is an excellent musician and those “big ears” together with his piano tuning skills, make him one of the most sought after piano tuners in Cape Town. My experience with seeing Paul work, is to watch someone who really cares and who will go the extra mile to get a result that satisfies his perfectionist ideals.”

Michele Maxwell

Professional Pianist, Actress, Singing/Acting Coach

“Paul Tizzard has been tuning not only my personal pianos but a number of pianos at schools where I have worked and in the homes of my private students. He is a completely professional tuner. Paul is prompt, professional, pleasant and gives good value for money. I recommend him highly to anybody who wants a really through and efficient tuning done.”

Eily Bates, Claremont

Music Teacher (Hon. BA with specialisation in music, LRSM (pt), LTCL (pt), LTCL( pp).

“Paul has tuned, repaired and maintained several pianos for me at home and at venues where I have worked over the last 20 or so years. A highly skilled and experienced professional, he has never let me down, I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Mike Perry, Newlands

Professional Pianist

“…Paul has attended to my piano this afternoon, and I am above and beyond impressed. His knowledge and expertise is evident and thorough, and I’ve been delighted by the additional information he provided me with in order to ensure exceptional care and functionality of my instrument. I am extremely pedantic about tuning and would recommend Paul to anyone. Furthermore…he proved competent in intricate technical aspects too…I have been playing for 25 years, have a Licentiate from the Royal School of Music, and can vouch for the fact that he is undoubtedly skilled and shows superior excellence in his trade…”

Lauren Sandham, Llandudno

Surgical Theatre Practitioner, Musician

“As I have two pianos used by many expressive students, Paul Tizzard is the one I choose to do the necessary repairs and tune-ups. His work is meticulous due to his attention to detail and his musician’s fine ear. Not to mention his friendly yet professional attitude….. Great service Paul!”

Ann Middleton

Music Teacher, Music Alive Education



Phone: 083 522 1813

12 Devon Str, Claremont

Cape Town


Paul Tizzard Pianos

12 Devon Str, Claremont.

Paul Tizzard is a piano tuner/technician in Cape Town offering piano, tuning and servicing.